Finally im back now after a looonnng ‘vacation’..no,i didnt go travelling anywhere.. but just really not in the mood of writing..but since now that im spending much time at home, i got a big extra time to sit up in front my laptop and write. final exams is over, raya pun da lame abes..sume citer da basi.

As usual, i did the same mistake again and again. Lazying around during the semester until i realized how fast times flies.  While other colleagues are counting their days to finish the final semester, me on the other hand is frightened to death thinking will i ever graduate…:( 2  more semesters = 1 more year..hope so..insya Allah..

Okay, no more talking about campus life..I’ve had enough..

Hell yeah, i gained weight right after the 3rd week of ramadhan! Lots of fats in my body! So, sadly i ran on the threadmill. Hey,exercise should be fun!  I miss playing tennis so much. i havent played for 4-5 months..:( That explains a lot why i lost my fitness these days. Nak main time cuti tapi tade partner.anyone??


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