Remembering Justine

Serena Williams is back in no.1 position in women’s ranking. After defeating the 2nd seed Jelena Jankovic in US Open final match, she finally get on top with Jelena maintains the no.2 position. Ana Ivanovic is dragged to no.3 while Maria Sharapova at no. 6.

Serena has never been my favorite player same as her sister, Venus. After Justine’s retirement in May this year, no one, so far has taken her place as my all time favorite in women’s tennis. Justine was an extremely amazing player i have ever seen on court and always will be. There was so much power on her stroke and not to mention her remarkable one-handed backhand, one of the things that people admire the most. I personally love the way she played,her strength and everything..she offered her fans more than just tennis. Now that she’s retired, i dont see any player that could ever take her place.

Nevertheless, i think that the no.2 Jelena Jankovic is a well consistent player. i wanted her to win the US Open so that she’ll be at the top but seems like she has to try much harder next time to claim at least one major title. Jelena has a great personality, the one who smiles even in the crucial point during her matches –

hmm..well, a big NO to Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic. Tak suke.

Miss ya Justine Henin!


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