Sleepless in Seattle

I took a What Romantic Comedy Are You quiz and i scored the Sleepless in Seattle!

Here what it says:

“You really want to earn your happy ending, just like your romantic comedy counterpart, Sleepless in Seattle. Leave the easy results to everyone else, you think that love is the best when it surmounts all obstacles. That way it’s probably true love, right? Persistent and idealistic, you probably try hard to get what you want, whether it’s on dates, with your friends, or at work.

For you, romance should be a lot like it is in the great old movies and you aren’t willing to settle for less than your perfect destiny. So while your true love may not always be in the picture, you’re always going to be in love with love itself”.

well,who doesnt want a happy ending?Love is the best when the person you love really loves you for who you are,be with you through thick and thin and knows how to appreciate you and what you’ve done for them and always try their very best for the relationship. after my sickening memory of my past love,i find it hard to trust men and it rather scares to fall in love again.

i heard from aisha that she is now in stage of knowing someone introduced by her’s good to hear that and i wish her all the best.

i wish for the same thing for my best friend,lenda. Hope u’ll find the right one someday soon:) but yet i think she’s lucky not to have felt the down side of love. once your heart is broken,the pain stays least  until you find someone new.


2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Seattle

  1. Lenda says:

    huhh love this part: “So while your true love may not always be in the picture, you’re always going to be in love with love itself”. hehe. bout appreciating the love itself. haha since you are categorized as that..pls do educate me to haa? haha

    but anyway tq for your kind wish. i do hope for the best guy in town will win your heart and cure the broken part. since u deserve it!


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