In Loving Memory of Memet..


syg memet smp bila2:(

My beloved Memet died on kidney complication on Tuesday,12th of august. Now it has been 9 days since she left me and the sadness lives on until today. We (me and my mom) had to decide to put her to ‘rest’ since according to the doctor, the chance to survive is very little. She was in coma then. I am deeply sad for I had never imagined her to die in such a way. It was all in a sudden.  I’m so sorry Memet. I really hope that you had a wonderful times at our home. Im sorry if I ever treated you bad. I always wanted you to know that your existence had brought me joys, your cuteness, your way of making muke kesian and mengade2 and everything will always be in my heart. I felt terrible over the ‘decision’ and hope Allah will forgive me for that. I’ll love u till the end of time. And this also goes to all my other cats (Jojo,popo,giant and pipi)..syg korang sume smp mati :(

2 days ago, on the 19th was my 23rd birthday. Had dinner with lenda (who came all the way from shah alam) and nadiah. It was a surprise dinner actually. Just a simple thing that is enough to keep me smiling. Other than that, everything is just normal like any other day.


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