Great Start To The Day

Make time for breakfast – it can make your day.

AFTER a long overnight fast, it’s time to replenish your starved body with nutrients to meet the demands of a new day. That’s why breakfast is the most important meal, and yet many skip it. Perhaps, when you get to know the power of breakfast, you’ll become a loyal breakfast eater. Breakfast does wonderful things for you.

Put a smile on your face :)

Usually a meal rich in carbohydrates, breakfast replenishes your blood glucose, which in turn puts you in a good mood, fights off fatigue as well as keeps depression and irritability at bay. So you start the day feeling calm, in control and with a cheery outlook.

Shine at work or in school

Studies show that those who take breakfast have better strength and endurance for physical work right up till late morning. And where the brain is concerned, breakfast supplies glucose, which is food for the brain. Indeed, sustained mental work requires a huge turnover of brain glucose. So eat breakfast to stay alert, attentive, think faster and have better concentration. All these may be translated into better grades at school or college.

Keep off the kilos

It’s ironical that by eating breakfast, you actually stay trim. This is because if you skip breakfast, you will experience an energy crash later and subsequently gorge on high-calorie snacks. Breakfast skippers also tend to eat more during dinner when their bodies are slowing down. Thus the unused energy ends up as body fat. On the other hand, breakfast eaters who follow a healthy, structured eating plan tend to be slimmer.

Balance your nutrients

Breakfast skippers are actually on a nutritional strike because breakfast provides one-third of our daily nutrients. So skip breakfast and you block out lots of calcium, vitamin C and the whole family of B vitamins. And it is hard to make up for these missed nutrients later in the day.

Build a healthy heart

A healthy breakfast helps you build a healthy heart. Choose low-fat, high-fibre foods like wholegrain products, fruits, low-fat milk and yoghurt that help to keep your blood cholesterol at a healthy level. Wholegrain cereals are heart-friendly foods with high fibre and vitamin E content.

Eating breakfast is a good habit. Build this practice into your daily routine.
The most common excuse for skipping breakfast is lack of time. But breakfast can be a fast and nutritious meal. For instance, you just have to pour some wholegrain breakfast cereals, throw in a few pieces of fresh or dried fruits, and then add low-fat milk. And you’ll have a tasty, nutritionally balanced breakfast that will keep you going well until lunch.

– Article courtesy of Nestle


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