It’s 10.11pm, Saturday nite.

Just decided to start blogging again after such a long break..
Anyway, semester 1,07/08 has started two weeks ago. Got class at 83o in the morning,everyday n erm..kena masuk workshop lagi this sem for the Manufacturing Processes which i really hate to..

It has been nearly a year since I last updated this blog..Of course few things happened..the goods and the bad..

On random thoughts..

1. Aida n Linda will be having their convocation ceremony this August n September..diorg tgh tak sabar tu and I still have 2 more years here to go :|

2 .Akmaliyana will be back in Msia this 28th Aug for her semester break..Haven’t meet her almost a year, so we’re planning for the annual get-together.

3. This September will also be a big event to’s her engagement..Congrats!]

4. My Mr Federer won the WIMBLEDON for the fifth time..but unfortunately Justine Henin didnt manage to reach the final as she lost to Marion Bartoli the …th seed (couldnt remember) in the shocking semifinal..sedeyy :(

5. And yeah..the AFC..conclusion is : MALAYSIAN CAN’T PLAY FOOTBALL..haha..silly..

What plans for tomorrow..just stay at home..



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